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July 12th 2024
Hammysworld Syrian Hamster Breeder

It is with the greatest regret and sorrow that I have to report that Harry, the creator of hammysworld.com, has passed away. Harry had a great love for all animals, and this website is a legacy that I plan to keep alive for as long as I live.
Hammysworld has reached millions of people over the years in all corners of the globe and is a fantastic source of advice and information and is a massive testament to Harry's love for these little creatures and all animals worldwide.
In memory of Harry, I have set up a just giving page to raise money for the PDSA. The PDSA is an organisation dedicated to providing free health care to all animals in need. So to the millions of people who have found this site a joy, I plead with you to help us raise money for this charity that Harry held so dear. Please help and give what you can: Donate

To all of hammaysworld friends please share this link and/or repost on your sites and forums.
All our love, the hammysworld team


Welcome to Hammysworld: Hamsters are cute and entertaining pets that will play and tolerate being handled by their owners. The hamsters' friendly and inquisitive nature cute appearance, and their adaptability have placed them among the most popular and most common sought after favorite small pet. Hamsters are robust little creatures and a well bred healthy hamster that is brought into your home should remain that way and require very little veterinary attention. One of the main problems of hamster owning is that some pet owners are not prepared for the challenges involved. It is important that potential pet owners fully understand the needs and requirements of hamsters. Although their needs are minimal these pets need special care and attention. It's important to learn how to fulfill those special needs, and particularly to understand the hamsters behavior characteristics. Here you can find all the information needed to give that extra special care. Before you go and buy your new pet we will tell you how to pick that perfect small pet and how to take the very best care of him. Check out our buying hamster’s page

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