About Dwarf Hamsters

Our aim is focused mainly on the Syrian hamster. We do endeavor to include some information about Dwarf hamsters and most of the information on our site you may find is also relevant to Dwarf hamsters. However, our information on the Dwarf hamster species and care is somewhat limited, as some of our visitors may be looking for that additional information on choosing and the care of Dwarf hamsters we have dedicated these 2 links to Dwarf hamster sites.

russian dwarf hamsters


The Website For Russian Dwarf Hamster

You can use this website to help you with almost any problem, question or review for this type of hamster.

Everthing you need to know about keeping Russian Dwarf Hamsters'

russian dwafs




And the Dwarf Hamster Blog

Dwarf Hamster Blog Here Sarah shares all her knowledge and expertise with you.

hamster blog



dwarf hamster blog

dwarf hamster on a wheel

Check out some of these funny
little videos
Sarah has
on the

Hamster Vine.

winter white hamster

And all the info on the
different species

The Dwarf hamster Blog
is a complete guide by Sarah Yee to the dwarf hamster. Sarah has a great deal of knowledge and information to share about these furry little pets as well as how to choose one, how to prepare for your new dwarf hamster and how to take care of them. And even how to find that elusive escapee.



















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