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Syrian Hamster

At Hammys World when we refer to the word "Hamster" the reference is specifically to the Syrian hamster unless otherwise stated.

We have taken the decision not to compromise our web site by commercializing it. You will not find masses of advertisements, flashing banners or misleading links to other sites, or those irritating pop up's.
We have dedicated a
links page to our fellow breeders' sites and other hamster or pet related sites.
You will find lots of information on the care keeping and breeding of the Syrian hamster.

There are many photographs / images on this site. We have taken the decision not to copyright them. If you wish to use them for educational purposes or personal use please feel free to do so. Due to the high volume of images being loaded remotely from our server Hotlinking has now been disabled. You are free to download them and store on your own pc / server. We do not ask for, or require any referrals back to Hammysworld, but any abuse of these privileges may result in us exercising our rights to withdraw this offer to any individual that misrepresents or lays any false claims to these images.

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