Driving with Dogs

Despite the number of car commercials starring an obedient, window-gazing pup, driving with dogs is a serious source of anxiety for many pet owners. Dogs are naturally enthusiastic, active, and curious: traits that are likely to intensify when transferred to a moving, bumpy vehicle. Ideally, driving with your dog provides an opportunity to bond and explore - or to simply accomplish chores without leaving a squirrelly pup home alone. Whatever your reasons, the following ideas prioritize the safety of both you and your dog as you travel to your next destination.


Dwarf Hamster Home

Dwarf Hamsters are small rodents originating from Asia, Russia and China. They make excellent pets and unlike the larger Syrian Hamster – Dwarf Hamsters are communal animals and can be caged together if they are from the same litter or are introduced at a young age.


Dwarf Hamster Home

Abyssinian guineapig tips are well respected, and all the information on their website has been heavily researched, through talking to qualified veterinarians or through examining online articles.

Abyssinian guineapig tips is an excellent repository of information for anyone who is looking to own or already owns or is just interested in Guineapigs.


smoking and pets

Many would agree that their pet is not just another animal. Our pets are like family. With household pets being regarded as such, it is hard to imagine doing something intentionally that would bring harm to them. You have to remember, dogs, cats, and other household pets should be regarded as infants in some ways. They do not understand that certain things will hurt them. This is true especially when it comes to consuming things like cigarette butts or empty cigarette packs. It is our job as pet owners to ensure their safety by creating a secure, and healthy environment.



Small Pet Photography

Even the smallest members of the family deserve the star treatment with a professional small pet photo shoot! Small pet photographers can cater to everything from hamster photograhy to rabbit photography, and even reptiles and fish.

Capture your pet’s unique character, charisma and personality with professional pet photography and portraits



Advice on pet health and care
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dog training

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dwarf hamsters

A Dwarf hamster makes a great pet for kids and even adults. This site is a complete guide to dwarf hamsters and will tell you all about these furry little pets as well as how to choose one, how to prepare for your new dwarf hamster and how to take care of it. http://dwarfhamsterblog.com/

hamster cages

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hamster fanciers

You have so much love to give. What pet could fill your heart without leaving you overwhelmed?
Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the Hamster.


hamster freinds

pet magazine
New 1st issue 1st March 2012.

An online free pets magazine.
Suitable for all ages.


All you need to know about Hamsters; the different types of hamsters, their food, breeding, life span, housing and health.


mad about hamsters

A new hamster site read all about brambles & spud

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interesting little site about hamsters
An interesting little site about hamsters


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Pet Health, Pet Care
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russian dwarf hamster

RussianDwarfHamster.Org – The Website For Russian Dwarf Hamsters

Everything You Need To Keep a Russian Hamster

RussianDwarfHamster.Org was created with you in mind. We are one of a handful websites that focus on the one type of hamster that is… You guessed it, Russian dwarf hamsters.

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