The Hamsters Water Bottle

hamster water

Fresh drinking water should be freely available at all times. Preferably in a water bottle mounted on the side of the cage, as water in bowls or dishes can become contaminated very quickly. A drinking bottle with a metal sipping tube is better as plastic tubes can be chewed and destroyed by the hamster gnawing.

The hamsters’ water should be changed at least every of couple of days with fresh. The sipping tube must be checked daily for possible blockages, or a sticking ball, as the bottle may appear full therefore leading you to believe the hamster has water to drink, but a sticking ball can deprive the hamster of water.
Check the bottle by inverting it (turning it upside down) press the ball, and squeeze the bottle gently to make certain the water is being delivered as it should be.
Sometime the water may drain because the ball valve is not sealing properly, or on occasions the nozzle may come into contact with the bedding, if this should happen the water may siphon off leaving the bedding wet, and poor hammy without a drink. Check all possibilities that may lead to potentially and serious dehydration.
Watch for the early signs of dehydration: Sunken eyes, a reduction in urination, confusion, irritability, and a ruffled and unkempt coat, a rapid and sudden weight loss, as skin that loses its elasticity will stay compressed when pinched. It is always preferable to use a water bottle for the drinking water.


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