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keeping hamsters cool in hot weather

Keeping hamsters cool in summer

Keeping hamsters cool in hot weather conditions and preventing overheating is not too difficult. Animals are more at risk from Hyperthermia: Hyperthermia is an excessive rise in body temperature, occuring when the body produces or absorbs more heat than it can dissipate. They are covered in fur and are adversely affected by high temperatures and humidity more so than humans, because we are better at losing excess heat from our bodies. People can dissipate body heat by sweating. Animals covered in fur cannot do this effectively as they have very few sweat glands.
People should remember conditions that are reasonably comfortable for them selves may not be for their pets.
Homeostasis: This is the process by which the body adjusts its functions to compensate for deficiencies. This is a term used for the regulation of the body temperature and other variables. If Homeostatic regulation of the body temperature fails the cells in the body will experience conditions in which they cannot function, irreparable damage will then occur. This will lead to organ failure, collapse, and death if not treated.

The organs mostly affected in theses conditions are the liver, Kidneys, and Heart.
The blood can become thickened due to dehydration, this can lead to a serious condition leading to multiple blood clots throughout the body. Always make sure fresh drinking water available at all times. Dehydration will make the risk of heat stroke higher. If you note your hamster is not sleeping in his usual quarters that is in his nest, this may be an indication he is getting to warm. When a hamster gets too warm he may sleep on his back, this dissipates body heat through his tummy area quicker. This is one sign to watch for and it will give you some indication that things are getting too hot and he needs cooling down. He will try to find somewhere cooler to sleep. If your pet is very young or old, please take extra care.

If you keep hamsters in glass or plastic aquariums these can raise a few more degrees inside them as there is no air flow. Don't leave them where heat and humidity can build up.
Don't leave caged pets on window sills or where the sun during the day will be in the room, keep them in the shade.
Heat rises so the lower down the cage, or the tank, the cooler it will be. If it is at all possible leave them on a stone or tiled floor during the day, i.e. kitchen, please be careful of other pets.
Remove half of the floor covering as the cooling effect of the tiles or stone will penetrate through the bottom of the cage, keeping the interior cooler

If you have any spare ceramic tiles keep one on the cage floor and one in the fridge, change when necessary.
A plastic bottle of water, frozen, will keep the cage cool for quite some time. It is not a good idea to place the bottle directly in the cage as it would take hammy only minutes to gnaw a hole through it causing it to leak as the ice melts. Lie it down at the side of the cage (pictured below) on tissue paper or towel, next to the area where he is sleeping. Keep two bottles, one in the freezer and one at the cage, change as and when necessary. Make fresh drinking water available at all times.

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