Hamster Gestation Period

The hamsters gestation period: This is the interval between fertilization and the birth of the pups: Or may be defined as the length of time the female hamster is pregnant for. Hamsters become fertile at different ages depending on the species. The gestation period or pregnancy can vary between species, ranging from from 16 days for the Syrian hamster, up to to 30 days for the Dwarf hamster again, depending on the species.
The Syrian hamsters gestation period is 16 days from the mating, so if the date of the mating is observed and noted it can be calculated the female will give birth on the evening of the 16th day. The Syrian hamster is usually on time with the birth. At around 4 days prior to the birth the female hamsters' abdomen will become noticeably much larger.

The gestation period of the Dwarf Russian Hamster is between 18-21 days, 23 to 30 days for the Roborovski Hamster, and 21 to 23 days for the Chinese hamster.

Male hamsters remain fertile through out their lives, the females have a relatively short breeding life.


The birth After the birth

pregnant hamster during gestation period
A pregnant Female hamster Appox: 12 hours to delivery

 the hamster gestation period

A pregnant Female hamster ready to give birth

During the hamsters gestation period it would be beneficial to feed the female hamster plenty of high protein foods, foods such as scrambled egg, boiled egg, tofu, cheese, and vegetables. Feeding milk to a pregnant or lactating female hamster does not help in the production of milk for the pups, feeding milk should be avoided.

Handling the female hamster during the gestation period (pregnancy) can continue up to the birth. Once the pups have been born and during the early stages of nursing very little will be seen of the mother. The babies are highly dependent on her for feeding and warmth.The Birth

There is nothing for you to do in the way of looking after or caring for the baby hamsters. The mother is capable of rearing her pups alone. All you have to do is sit back and make sure she has an abundance of food water and bedding.

Hamsters gestation period


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