Using household bleach detergents and disinfectants for cleaning hamster cages, and our pet’s environment can be harmful to our pets, and not so kind to us either. Unfortunately, we do not seem realize the toll on our health and our pets' health from all these toxic substances and chemicals contained in theses household products. Ingredients and particulates from household detergents and bleach can disrupt an animal's biological processes. Many of these products contain chemical additives that are dangerous, and may cause problems for our hamsters. Although we try very hard to eradicate all these harmful bacteria and viruses from our own, and our pet’s environment. Bleach, detergents and most disinfectants do not have the capabilities to be totally effective against them.

Almost all kinds of bacteria that come under a chemical attack by bleach and disinfectants will successfully be killed off. But a small percentage do survive. Of those that do survive give rise to the next generation. Fortunately, there is a much safer alternative..


Virkon a broad-spectrum disinfectant used to clean and disinfect animal and agricultural facilities. A rapid user friendly chemical disinfectant, it is powerful yet 100% safe to use with animals, as well as for use in and around the home. Pet Virkon disinfectant is most commonly used by veterinarians. It has been proven to be an effective disinfectant against over 500 infectious germs
Including: Corona virus: associated with respiratory, gastrointestinal, liver, and neurological disease in animals. Effective against viruses, gram positive and gram negative bacteria, Fungi, Toxic molds, Salmonella, Tuberculosis, Campylobacter, and E-coli, achieving a 99.99% kill rate within minutes.

Virkon is a unique disinfectant and can be used as a shampoo for animals fur, and is manufactured by a British company Antec International world leaders in bio-security.

Pet Virkon is the most versatile disinfectant in the world, unsurpassed for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, equipment, and instruments. It can be applied directly into the cage or surroundings and will kill viruses, fungi, and bacteria quicker and at a lower dosage than any other product. It can be applied directly onto the animal’s fur and skin, and is 100% safe.

Fungal disease such as Ringworm and Malassezia can develop then shed fungi spores into the environment, using Pet Virkon as a shampoo to disinfect the pet and their environment will kill those spores.

Pet Virkon can be used directly on pets, cleansing and disinfecting the skin and fur of all pets.


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