Hamsters Cage Floor Covering

A suitable cage floor covering will be required for your hamsters comfort. Some people and manufactures refer to this as bedding. This should not be confused with the hamsters nesting material. Nesting refers to the material he uses in his sleeping area to make a soft bed for himself.

pine shavings

Wood shavings prove to a bit of a controversial subject, but the most common cage floor covering used by many breeders and pet shops are pine wood shavings. The arguments presented by those who are against using soft-wood bedding are totally without foundation but often sound very convincing. However, there is no scientific evidence to support any claims that treated pine wood shavings actually cause any health problems. The truth about pine bedding
This is quite effective at odour control, and for soaking up the urine and water spillage. Kiln dried pine wood shavings can be used without any problems it is very economical and easy to replace.

Do not use sawdust for floor covering this will cause irritation to the nose and eyes. The fine particles in sawdust can also damage the eyes.
Hamsters like to burrow and a deep bed of wood shavings are ideal for this purpose.
Hay and straw is not advisable to use for cage floor covering or nesting. Hay is dusty and prone to carrying mould spores when damp. Straw / hay has sharp ends that can damage the eyes.


wood shavings



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