Teddy Bear Hamster

The long haired variety of the Syrian hamster is sometimes incorrectly referred to as the "Teddy Bear" The 'Teddy Bear" is just another variation of the Syrian hamster. Some people use this nick name because of the longer hair / coat than the short haired variety. They may also be refer to as "Fancy Hamsters". These are just nick-names given to them, they are all one and the same species. Other incorrect names that are sometimes used are "Honey Bear", "Panda Bear", "Black Bears", "European black bears" or "Polar Bear", depending on their coat and coloration. These hamsters are all one and the same species, the Syrian hamster. (Mesocricetus auratus)

Female Teddy Bear Hamster

See Right: (Fig 1) 2 young female teddy bear hamsters. They are so called because of their cute teddy bear like appearance. The coat of the teddy bear hamster differs between male and female. Due to the difference in hormones the long hair is expressed differently. All hamsters incorrectly referred to as the teddy bear, have long hair, male and female all over the body but some may be longer than others. Female teddy bear hamsters usually have long hair but it is somewhat shorter than the males who have the longest hair of both the sexes.

The gene that produces the long hair is recessive. So mating two longhaired hamsters together will produce only long haired babies, as the babies will inherit the gene from both parents. However mating a long haired to a short haired hamster may produce a mixture of both long and short hair.
Strangely though, it is the male teddy bear hamster and not the female that has the skirt around their lower body. The female have much shorter fur that lies evenly over their bodies. With exception to the face where it is much shorter. As the female ages, due to a change in hormones, they may develop tufts of hair around the waist and shoulders as seen opposite (Fig 2).

teddy bear hamsters
Fig 1
2 Female teddy bear hamsters

teddy bear hamster
Fig 2
A female teddy bear hamster with tuffs of hair

Male teddy bear hamster

The long haired male teddy bear has longer fur than the long haired female hamster. The fur on a longhaired hamster should be very dense, thick and fluffy. Males have the long "skirt", which parts down the back and flows down over the waist and tail. The skirt may vary in length.
The teddy bear hamster have an average life span of 2 to 2 half years. Their average adult body size is roughly about 5-6 inches long when matured. These hamsters should be treated as the species they are, the Syrian hamster. All adults should be housed alone and living a solitary existence.

The long hair teddy bear varieties may occasionally need a little more attention than the short haired ones. Entangled bedding can be removed from the hair simply by teasing out using your fingers or a comb. Most young and adult hamsters are quite capable of fully grooming themselves without any assistance. But as they age they may become to neglect their appearance and matting of the fur may become a problem. Assistance at these times may be appreciated by lending a hand to groom. A comb should make the job simple. This should keep matting to a minimum. If matting does become a problem then the skirt may be trimmed back a little.

teddy bear male hamster

A male teddy bear hamster with a long flowing skirt

Human allergic reaction to the long haired teddy bear hamster.
It is thought by many that the long hair of the teddy bear hamster may cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. This however is untrue, and those concerns are unfounded. Animal hair is not considered to be a major cause of allergic reactions in humans. Any animal that carries fur or feathers can trigger an allergic reaction to sensitive individuals. It is the small scales of dead or old skin particles that is shed from the animal that cause the allergic reaction. Theses skin particles are known as dander and can stay airborne for long periods of time. Older animals usually produce more dander than younger ones because their skin becomes drier as they age.

Panda Bear Hamster

Although a short hair hamster and an adorable hamster. The Panda bear are so called because of their distinctive appearance to that of the panda bear with their black body color and white marking. Panda Bear hamsters are simply Syrian hamsters that have been selected and named so for their black and white coats. The Panda Bear hamster is not typically seen by some as being sociable with humans. As with all Syrian hamsters the temperament of the animal lies in breeding. The temperament of the animal cannot be acquired by taming. Temperament describes the general attitude a hamster displays toward it's owner / keeper. Temperament is hereditary, which can be either aggressive or docile. A docile temperament is the number one priority in breeding. If you breed a male or female with undesirable temperament, the offspring usually inherit the same temperament as their parents.

panda bear hamster

Panda bear hamster

Black Bear Hamster

Many people mistaking believe the black bear hamster is a different species from the typical Syrian hamster, when in fact they are one and the same species. Due to their entirely all black coat color they have acquired the name "Black Bear" and are simply Syrian hamsters, scientific name Mesocricetus auratus.
However, every potential pet owner should to try and learn more about the Syrian hamster, improving your knowledge will increase your ability to properly care for them. Although all hamsters are relatively easy to care for. Understanding the nature and behavior of the Syrian hamster is essential in maintaining the psychological and physical well being of the animal, and may help you to understand their needs better.

black bear hamster

Black Bear Hamster

long hair teddy bear hamster


long hair teddy bear male hamster

long haired male teddy bear hamster


polar bear hamster white long haired


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