Cataracts in hamsters

Cataracts ( cat - a - ract - s) Is a disease of the eye that causes the lens of the eye, or its capsule, to become opaque. It can vary in degree resulting in partially or severely decreased vision that can lead to permanent blindness. Cataracts can mean anything from a mild cloudiness of the lens to it becoming completely opaque and can occur in one or both eyes. Cataracts can form at any age, some may be small and do not significantly interfere with vision.The most common type of cataracts is usually age related . These develop gradually and over a period of time, getting worse as the hamster ages until all functional vision is lost. Cataracts are generally seen as part of the ageing process. There is no treatment available for cataracts in hamsters. Once a lens has developed a cataract there is no known method to make the lens clear again and it will stay that way. A partial or total loss of vision is not a great handicap to a hamster as they rely on their sense of smell rather than eyesight.

hamster with a cataract

An old hamster with cataracts developing

A hamster with Diabetes is at increased risk of developing cataracts, a condition associated with this eye disorder.



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