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Hamsters For Adoption

For various reasons, occasionally I have one or two hamsters to put up for adoption.

None at the moment.

You can contact me via E. mail. Mail With subject line Adoptions.


These hamsters have now found new homes


Female, Long haired, Black Tortoise shell hamster.
She is around 11-12 weeks old. Having been the runt of the litter born Mid January 2013. I took her away from her littermates at 15 days old and raised her on her own.
Lovely hamster, very sweet, handles well, and has a very good temperament.


Now Adopted



Dermot has now found a home with Suzanne of Stockport.

Dermot a LH Male, very friendly and docile has an excellent temperament.


Casper has now found a loving home with Lisa Of Droylsden.

Casper LH Male. Lovely hamster, brilliant temperament, very docile and friendly. Loves being out of his cage noseying around


Amy and Spike have found a loving home with Julie of Altrincham

Amy LH Female. Still a bit nervous but handles well. Good temperament, but really needs more interaction to bring her out of her shell.
Spike LH Male. An adorable, lovely hamster, a chunky little monkey loves being out and about and very friendly.

Ralf has now found a home with Rachael of Prestwich.

There is Ralf LH Male who is looking for a home. He has excellent temperament, friendly, loves to be out of his cage, handles well.


Gerry has now found a home with a lovely family in Lymm Cheshire.

Gerry not at all nervous, lovely sweet hamster, very friendly and very inquisitive, soft long fur, has an excellent temperament and accustomed to being handled.

The Dwarf hamsters have now found a new home.

Two Russian Dwarf hamsters' Female: They are only 10 weeks old, if that. I don't breed or keep Dwarf hamsters' so need to find a home for them with someone who is able to spend more time with them.
These hamsters are not recommended for children as they can be very fast.
They will go with the cage which is new and only purchased last week.


Alban has now found a loving home with Angela of Preston.

Alban LH Male not nervous and handles well.



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