Popular Hamster Cages

A Suitable cage for your pet is essential, for his well being and his comfort. The golden rule that must always be observed with the Syrian hamster is, only one hamster to a cage. The Syrian hamster are solitary creatures, and will not tolerate any other, of the same or opposite sex, they prefer to live alone. Caging two Syrian hamsters together will lead to persistent fighting, and possibly the death of one.

Buying the cage for your pet is probably the biggest expense in keeping hamsters. In general deep base hamster cages are preferred.If the cage is more than one level, all upper levels should be solid floors and "not" wired. Hamsters do not like walking on wired floors, it does hurt their feet, and causes sores on their feet and legs. See Paws

When selecting the cage try to get it right the first time. It can save you a lot of expense at a later date, when you realize that the cage is not suitable for your pet, as he reaches the adult size. There are a lot of cheap hamster starter kits in the pet shops, these usually consist of a simple small basic cage, please make sure that it is large enough for an adult Syrian hamster.
Metal cages are not seen so often now as they used to be, but are still sold today, they do tend to rust, and are very cold.

There are a variety of hamster cages available from pet shops. The most common type of hamster cage has a plastic litter tray base type, and a rigid wire top.

The dearest hamster cages in the shop, is not necessarily the best, and is not always suited to your hamsters needs.
Different species of hamsters are best suited to different types of cages. It is important to ensure that the cage is suitable for the type of hamster that it is intended to house.

Wooden hamster cages are unsuitable, for many reasons. One is the glue that is use to make it, this could be toxic. They are unhygienic, by soaking up the urine, and making it difficult to clean. Hamsters are inveterate gnawers, as are all rodents, and will soon render a wooden cage insecure.


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