A pregnant baby hamster.

The Syrian hamster is capable of reproducing at 5 weeks old. It is possible that you could buy, or may have bought a female hamster that is already pregnant at this age. It has been known to happen on occasions as some pet shop staff have problems in sexing baby hamsters correctly. Sexing baby hamsters
When you go to check on the baby hamster you bought last week then find that you bought more than you thought you did: A buy one get 6 free offer.  
Not all pet shops sex baby hamsters correctly and sometimes mistakes are made in doing so. Some don't even bother to separate them and will keep males and females together. The litters produced at this young age may be on the small side and of poor quality but should still grow to be reasonably healthy hamsters. If you wish to keep the babies read care of hamster pups. At this young age there is no guarantee that she is mature enough to cope with a litter and may well cannibalize them. Hamsters that do become pregnant at this age usually end up stunted (stunted growth) the off springs may also be stunted.

pregnant femaleabout to give birth

A pregnant Hamster


nest of new born pups

Oops!! where did they come from

Pregnant baby hamster



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