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Baby Hamsters

Once you have acquired your new baby hamster (a baby hamster is called a pup.) After the initial settling in period of about 2-3 days he should be handled regularly to socialize and get him used to being held. If it is done correctly a baby hamster can be tamed in a matter of days rather than weeks.

baby hamsters

Baby Hamsters

His diet is going to play a big part in his well being, not only now but also as he grows. Feeding baby hamsters

The food that a baby hamster eats is the same as for adult hamsters. The introduction of fruit, vegetables and other foods that is intended for human consumption should be added gradually to his diet, adding too much and too soon will upset his tummy.

Before buying your new hamster check out our buying hamster's page first, occasionally mistakes can be make when buying a new baby hamster particularly more so from pet shops or stores.
Baby hamsters are usually a little nervous at first time handling and prone to stress, care should be exercised when handling for the first time.

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