Hamster Health

Abscesses Aspergillus Fungus Allergies Broken Bones Colds Constipation Circling
Intussusception Cheek pouch impaction Dehydration Distended Abdomen Diabetes Diarrhea Fur loss
Fleas Hind leg Paralysis Head Tilt Hip Spots Hibernation Hamster Diseases Mites
Lactose intolerance Old age Obesity Pyometra Paws Ring worm Stress
Soft stools Skin Problems Teeth Tumors Wet tail Worms Cysts
Rectal prolapse Harvest mites Eyes

The following information on hamster health found here is to be used as a guide only and must not be interpreted as a solution to any illness or health problems associated with your pet hamster. The health of your hamster is most important and should not be put at risk. Should you become concerned with the health of your pet in any way at all it is better to seek professional advice and take him to a qualified veterinary surgeon to evaluate any health problem he may have.

In general, hamsters are robust little creatures and a well bred hamster that is in good health when you first bring him into your home is likely to remain that way and live to a good old age needing very little if any veterinary care.

As a hamster ages he may eat less, sleep more, and become less active, in general they do tend to slow down.
A minor health problem may become serious if prompt and professional care is not pursued.

There are many hamster sites offering good advice and information hamster health heed this advice, prevention is better than cure.


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