Syrian Golden Hamster.

golden hamster

The Golden Hamster

teddy bear hamster

Teddy Bear Hamster

black bear hamster

Black Bear Hamster

panda bear hamster

Panda Bear Hamster

campbells dwarf hamster

A Campbell's Dwarf

The Syrian hamster is the hamster that most people associate with the word ‘Hamster’ and may sometimes may be referred to as the ‘Golden hamster’ as the Gold color was the Syrian hamsters' original colour in the wild and that color is still kept even today.

So many colour’s and variations have now been bred the word ‘Golden’ is very rarely used. The long haired variety of the Syrian hamster may sometimes be referred to as the "Teddy Bear" hamster.
Other names are "Panda Bear" "Black Bear" and many more nicknames such as these, depending on their coat and coloration. Some pet stores have taken to calling them by these incorrect names, theses hamsters are all one and the same species Mesocricetus Auratus.

The Syrian hamster are easy to tame, and can be very friendly and sociable.
There are also four other species that are popular as pets, theses are often called Dwarf hamsters though are smaller in size.

The needs of all hamsters are basically the same but housing and feeding needs may differ slightly.
It was thought that the Syrian hamster had been extinct in its natural environment Syria since the 1980s That is, until a population was found in Kilis on the Turkish Syrian border in the year 2000.
The average life span of the Syrian hamster is around 18 months to 2 years. They are a solitary creature and must be kept and housed alone.
The Syrian hamster can be obtained relatively easy from your local pet shop or breeder.
The life span of the Dwarf hamster is approx: 18 months 2 years, some maybe longer.

All types of hamster can make good pets. They are relatively easy to care for and their needs are very few.
However, the Syrian hamster makes a better pet for children to handle as they are larger and slower moving than the smaller and faster moving Dwarf species.
The Syrian female hamster has that get up and go in their character more so than the male, as the male appears to have a more laid back and easy going attitude. On average however the females do not usually live as long as the male.

There are a number of reasons for making a hamster your pet. Hamsters are often recommended because they are considered low-maintenance after the initial set up cost. They are virtually odor free and keep a relatively clean cage.
The Syrian hamster is playful, docile and amusing little creatures that can amuse and entertain for many hours.
Hamsters are crepuscular as opposed to the belief by many that they are a nocturnal creature, so may sleep when you are out at work, or the children are at school.

The Hamster as a pet are less expensive than the larger animals like a cat or dog, and is an ideal pet for those that live in apartments or places where they are unable to keep larger animals, with the exception of a caged pet. Unless there is medical emergency your hamster will have few if any medical expenses.

The Syrian hamsters are solitary by nature meaning they will not tolerate another in the same cage and prefers to live alone. Although this does not mean they want to be left alone: a socialized pet will thrive on human companionship.
These adorable little creatures are amusing to watch and are pleasant to handle by young and old alike.

However, as in all pet keeping a basic knowledge is required for keeping your pet tame and healthy.
By doing a little homework before buying your pet will go a long way in ensuring that you are able to give your pet the best possible start to life in his new home.


Syrian Golden hamster


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