The Syrian Hamster

syrian hamster

The Short haired Syrian Hamster

roborovski hamster

Roborovski Hamster

Russian Hamster

Dwarf Campbell's Russian Hamster

The Syrian hamster is probably one of the most popular easiest and trouble free pets in which to keep.
The Syrian hamsters are not social animals; they are a solitary and territorial creature. The Syrian hamster should be housed alone from 6 to 8 week of age otherwise Fighting will occur and serious injury may be inflicted on animals that occupy the same cage.

The female Syrian hamster is renowned to be more aggressively protective of her territory than the male is. The reason being the female Syrian hamster is more aggressively protective of her territory is because she has a tendency to have a greater parental investment in her territory than the male does. Syrian hamsters are not as gregarious as are other rodents. They only come together for mating, and the female raises her young alone. The male has no further contact with the young pups, or the female once his part in the mating is complete.

The Syrian hamster may sometimes be incorrectly referred to as the "Teddy Bear," (Long haired hamster) "Panda bear," (Black banded hamster) "Black bear," ( Long or short haired all black hamster) and other nick names such as these, depending on their coat and coloration. These hamsters are one and the same breed Syrian hamster: Mesocricetus auratus.

There are four other species of hamster known as the Dwarf hamster they are, Roborovski, Chinese, Winter white hamster, and the Campbell's Dwarf hamster.
The needs of all hamsters are basically the same but housing and feeding do differ slightly. The temperaments may also vary between varieties of the hamster.
It is thought that the Golden Syrian Hamster had been extinct in its natural environment 'Syria' since the 1980s until a population was found in Kilis, on the Turkish - Syrian border in the year 2000. Even today the wild Syrian hamster can still be found to inhabit the Haurân Mountains, south of Damascus.
The Syrian hamster is usually of a good temperament, and the average life span is about 18 months to 2 years of age.


black bear hamster panda bear hamster teddy bear hamster

The short or long, haired variety of the Black Syrian hamster may also be known as the Black Bear hamster.

The Black Banded variety of the Syrian hamster may also known as the Panda Bear hamster.

The long haired Syrian hamster may also be known as the Teddy Bear Hamster



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