Are hamsters Nocturnal Animals?

sleeping hamster

Hamsters are sometimes describe as being nocturnal this is an incorrect description. Many animals that are casually described as being nocturnal are in fact crepuscular. Crepuscular is a term used to describe some animals that are primarily active during twilight hours, that is at dawn and dusk. This word is derived from the Latin word crepusculum, meaning "Twilight".
This pattern of activity in the Syrian hamster is thought to be an anti-predator adaptation. An innate behaviour of the Syrian hamster, whereby the animal had become better suited to its natural habitat. Many of their predators forage most intensely at night, while others may be most active during the day and see better in full sun light. Thus the crepuscular habit may reduce predation. Additionally, in the hot areas of the Syrian hamsters habitat it is also a way of avoiding thermal stress while capitalizing on the available light at the coolest times of the day.

Nocturnal: Describes an animal that sleeps during the daytime and becomes active during the night.
Diurnal: Describes an animal that is active during the daytime and sleep during the night.



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