My new Hamster's had babies. What I do.?

This is a common problem when buying a hamster from the pet shop. Mistakes in sexing hamsters are made quite frequently.
It is surprising to find that many people think that they have bought a male, and in fact actually end up with a pregnant female. One morning you go to the cage to find little 'Georgie-boy', has had a litter of pups. Here, for the time being you simply do nothing, just leave her to it.
When you look into the cage she may have already had them in the nest, or you may find them scattered around the cage floor. Having a litter is very tiring for her. She may leave the pups lying around the cage floor for some time, until she has had time to recuperate. Do not be too concerned, many hours may pass before she puts them all into the nest for their first feed.

new born hamster pup

Alarming as it may seem to you that she is looking totally dis-concerned about these wiggling little pink bodies lying around the cage. I assure you the babies can go many hours without attention. She will eventually gather them together and place them all in the nest. Some owners may attempt to interfere by trying to help, this is a mistake, then they wonder why the babies start disappearing one by one. She needs no help from any one she is capable of managing and tending her own litter. Any interference from you will make her fearful for the safety of that litter and she may start to cannibalize them.

All you need to do is place a little more nesting material in the cage, she will move it to where she needs it. Start feeding the mum high protein foods. Leave her in peace and quite as much as possible. You may see very little of her for about 4 -5 days, the babies are very dependent on mum for feeding and warmth.





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