Sexing baby hamsters

How to differentiate between a male and female baby hamster. Sexing baby hamsters is not difficult. In older hamsters this will become more obvious. The images below are 4 week old hamsters. These show you how to identify a male from a female hamster. The differences are basically the same for all species of hamster. On a young male hamster the testes may not have descended and therefore may not be as visible as the one shown below. But if you look at the anogenital area ( this is the area around the anus and genitals ) on the male you will see the penile opening and the anus is much further apart than that of the female openings.


a male syrian hamster
The two openings are further apart on the male

sexing baby hamsters
A 4 week old Male hamster.

female Syrian hamster
A 4 week old Female hamster

sexing a baby hamster
The two openings are much closer together on the female


Sexing Baby Hamsters

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