Sore feet or paws in a hamster

hamster sore feet

Sore Paws

Sore feet or paws in a hamster may be due to a condition called Pododermatitis. Pododermatitis may also known as bumble foot, this is an infection in the feet which leads to swelling and pain, and if left untreated can be fatal. This is a condition that can affect the feet and spread to the legs of the hamster. Bumble foot is so named because of the characteristic "Bumbles" or lesions as well as swelling of the foot pad symptomatic of an infection. Pododermatitis in a hamster is not only associated with cages that have wired floors. In some rodents it may be commonly associated with genetic factors, or unsanitary living conditions. If the floor is very soiled and wet for prolonged periods the hamster may develop infections of the feet. Hamsters that are overweight are also prone to Bumble foot. One or more of the feet may become swollen and or ulcerated. The infection can spread up the hamster’s affected leg. In this case the hamster should be moved onto dry soft bedding and will need to be assessed by a vet for antibiotics.
In some hamsters' an allergic reaction to the cage floor bedding material can also cause sore feet.



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