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Most of you have probably asked why is it that pine and cedar are bad and should not be used for hamsters bedding, but never found a satisfactory answer.
The big debate about cedar and pine shavings has going on for quite some time on the internet, and has proved to a bit of a controversial subject whether theses materials should be used at all for small animals bedding. Some misinformed people and pet owners, have been spreading incorrect and inaccurate information regarding the supposedly toxic nature of this soft wood bedding.
After reading this article By Corinne Fayo The truth about pine bedding you will learn that treated pine shavings are safe, and even recommended by some veterinarians.

I have used pinewood shavings for 15 years or more and never experienced any problems with it that has proved to be a direct cause of using pine wood shavings. Pine is one of the most common bedding to be quickly attacked, but this remains the most commonly used bedding for small pets and rodents.

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The arguments presented by those that are against softwood bedding are totally without foundation but they often sound very convincing. However, there is no scientific evidence to support any claims by those people that treated pine wood shavings actually cause health problems. The truth is that treated pine shavings is no more risky than any other type of bedding. The concerns people have about pine wood shavings are the Phenols that it supposedly contains. Kiln dried pine has these baked out and is therefore just as safe as other expensive alternatives. All types of bedding carry some element of risk in one form or another. No manufactured alternative bedding is dust, or fibre free. It appears that the alternative litter manufactures are taking full advantage of the pine and cedar scare. This is presumably to increase their market share of their more expensive materials.
Most small animals will be quite happy and safe using dust extracted kiln dried pine and they will come to no harm, pine is fine.

Some hamsters can and may develop allergic reactions to wood shavings, just as they can to other alternative types of bedding. In some cases it may mean resorting to an allergen free bedding material, or finding one to suit your hamster.



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