Mature Male Hamsters

mature male hamster

An older male hamster with an elongated tail line.

female hamster with trim tail line

A female with a flat trim tail

Before sexual maturity occurs in a hamster some people may find it difficult to differentiate between a male and a female. In a baby hamster is not difficult. As the hamster ages it will become more obvious as the male hamsters' anatomy will become more pronounced than that the female. When seen from above, a sexually mature female hamster has a trim tail line.
A Syrian hamster males tail line bulges on both sides. Since the male genitalia is located underneath the tail it may appear that the bottom is very large and swollen, in some it may taper into a point. Very much different than that of a mature female having a very trim tail line.
At about 4-6 week old the males reproductive system starts developing, these can vary in size from male to male. Some may be more distinctively noticeable than others. Some people not familiar with the Syrian hamsters anatomy may mistakenly think it is some kind of tumor, lump, swelling or fibrous tissue developing on his butt.
Because they're a part of the male hamster's anatomy they won't ever go away. They may swell occasionally and appear larger, particularly more so just as the hamster wakes up they may be more noticeable than usual.

showing the lump or swelling on the rear end of a male hamster

This video shows the male Syrian hamster genitalia.
This is an older male and may be more pronounced than younger ones.
It can be seen how elongated it becomes under the tail.

young male hamster

A young 4 week old male hamster. Male hamsters typically have very large testes in relation to their body size.


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