A Hamster Wheel

The wheel is used by most small rodents, and is provided as cage enrichments. This allows the hamster to run even when their space is confined. The value of the exercise wheel has always been debatable, some hamsters may choose to, and some may not use it. Various experimental results found that a hamster kept in a relatively small cage used the wheel excessively. But an increase in cage size and environmental enrichment and activities (by the addition of tubes etc:) that engaged the animal physically, resulted in less demand for the wheel. A hamster would rather express their urge and expel any excess energy by moving around a larger, and more spacious cage.

Wheels can be a great form of exercise and a hamster can run many miles in a single evening in a wheel. If you do supply one be sure to supply your hamster with the correct safe wheel. This will give him the opportunity to use it if he wishes to do so.
Most cages nowadays are fitted with plastic wheels with a solid running board. This is the safest kind of wheels for your pet. But for those that are not, care should be taken when you purchase one. Wheels with wire rungs should be avoided for obvious reasons as the hamster could injure himself in the spokes of the wheel.


right hamster wheel


hamster wheel



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