Hamster Treats

fat hamster

Too many treats = one very fat hamster.

If you wish to give your hamster a treat there are quite a lot on display in the pet shops. There are many kinds of treats for hamsters, like yogurt drops etc: which are specially made for them. They are expensive and contain sugar, additives and coloring. Manufacturers mislead consumers by marketing these so called treats with added vitamins and minerals as being nutritious. Any animal fed a proper diet has no need for extra vitamins; in fact too many vitamins can cause health issues.
We all know that eating the right vitamins and minerals is essential for health and fruit and vegetables are packed full of them. Most of the manufactured treats have a high content of sugar, additives, and coloring and should be avoided.

It is much cheaper and safer to give homemade treats of your own making. Little pieces of apple, carrots, corn-on-the-cob, monkey nuts etc: are far healthier, the list is endless, always check to make sure if it is safe before feeding human food to hamsters'.


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