Toys and activities for hamsters

Toys play an important part in the life of your hamster; these will keep him entertained, amused, and keep him from getting board.
There are many toys for hamsters on the market, by toys I don't mean the silly little plastic motor cars, or child like toys that can be bought for hamsters. Manufacturers make theses silly toys for the business it can generate, and they are not the slightest bit interested in the health, or the welfare of your pet. These toys are a waste of money, and in some cases down right cruel to subject your pet to theses things, they are just a money spinning product. This is money that would be better spent in other departments, on making your own more interesting toys at a fraction of the cost.
Most toys can be home made, out of simple card board tubes and timber, a plastic bin box, or an old aquarium can be fitted out as a playground for your hamster.
All you need is a bit of imagination and a few basic tools.
Please be sure to use non toxic glue, and leave plenty air holes for any home made toys.

Hamsters are solitary creatures and do not play, like other animals do.
Hamsters love to climb in things, up and down ladders, through tubes; they love to explore new environments. Hamsters soon become board of the same thing, so a variety of home made toys will be needed to keep him amused.

The hamster play ball is a good form of exercise, and entertainment for hamsters, this allows him to run much faster than he could in his cage. All the hamsters I have encountered show a great willing and eagerness in which to get into them, and are not cruel as it is suggested by some.

Hamster ball

Play ball, to be used with care, when in use please alert every body that he is in there. He can receive serious injury from accidental kicks.

hamster wheel

A large hamster wheel is a must for any cage

wooden toys

wooden toys for hamsters

Wooden toys can be bought from most pet shops


hamster toys home made

Quick and easy to make
interesting home made toys

home made toys

These are for inside cage use only, or in the hamsters play ground area.



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