Temperature to Keep Hamsters

The temperature and air flow is essential for the well being of your pet hamster.
If the room temperature is allowed to drop too much below 50f the hamster may become sluggish, sleepy and start to slow down. Many owners then think their hamster may be unwell, when in fact it may be getting too cold for him.

If there is a sudden drop in temperature, below 41f the hamster may go into a hibernating like state, this state is called (torpor) he will have a reduced pulse and respiratory rate and may curl up in his nest to keep warm and go into a deep sleep.
Once he reaches this state it may appear that all life is extinct in your hamster, and will not respond to touch or sound. However, closer observation will reveal that the hamster’s vibrissae (the whiskers) are still twitching.

If your hamster is allowed to persist in this state and not aroused he could die of hyperthermia, starvation or dehydration. Move the hamster to a warmer place and let it arouse slowly by gentle handling.

The ideal temperature to keep hamsters in is room a temperature of 60-65 and should not be allowed to fluctuate too much. The perfect place for a hamster's cage is a well lit room of a constant moderate temperature.
Keep away from windows and out of direct sunlight that could cause overheating. It is also important to avoid drafts.



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