Skin problems in hamsters.

The most likely cause of a skin problem in a hamster is most often a parasitic infestation. But other causes might be Fleas, Mites, Bugs, Ringworm Dermatitis Hamsters that are advancing into old age may also show signs of a dry scaly skin, this may be accompanied by fur loss that may become itchy, and is a part of the ageing process.
All living creatures normally have mites that live within the hair follicles and sweat glands of their host, but an infestation may result in dry scaly skin and subsequent hair loss. A hamster suffering from a mite infestation will often continually scratch at the skin leaving it sore. Symptoms may be more severe particularly around the mouth, eyes and ears. 
Mites reside on hamsters and all other living creatures permanently. Mites only become a problem when the animal’s immune system is compromised, and then an infestation may occur. Some sick, older, and stressed animals lose the capability to have this immune response, resulting in an infestation. In severe and untreated cases a mite infestation may lead to secondary bacterial infections. Food allergies or food sensitivities may also cause skin problems.
Due to the costs involved a vet may treat a hamster for both skin allergies and suspected mites.

In the case of mites isolate the infected hamster and dust both the hamster and the cage with Pyrethin powder or spray.
Treatment often consists of drops administered orally; this is considered to be the most effective method of controlling mites.

Mange is most commonly found in dogs, but can occur in other domestic animals. It is not usually considered a problem with hamsters that are kept in a clean environment.



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