A Hamster with a bald patch on or above the nose.



fur loss on nose
Fur loss nose

A hamster with fur missing either on or just above the nose is nothing to worry about. This part of the hamsters anatomy, the forward and projecting part of the head,this includes the jaw and nose is called the "Muzzle" Some hamster owners may think fur loss on the nose is a health related problem. Where in fact this bald patch appears through what is known as barbering. Barbering is caused by the constant rubbing of various body parts against solid objects. These objects may be wheels, the side of cages, or the bars themselves, but the most frequent one is a hamster that is kept in a wired cage and a hamster that constantly chews or bites on the bars of the cage may have a bald patch just above the nose. If you watch closely you will notice when the hamster bites on the bars, the top of the nose constantly rubs on the bar above the one that he is biting. The skin itself is generally not affected and its appearance will be normal without signs of inflammation, irritation, or cuts. This condition, unless irritation should develop, does not require any treatment

In some animals fur loss may be cause by litter mates fur-chewing, this is also called barbering.

Fur loss nose

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