The Life of A baby Hamster

The life of a baby hamster is very short life as a baby. From the day he is born until the day he leaves his mum is 28 days. This is our shortest calendar month, 4 weeks from being born till leaving his mum, not a long time in our terms.

In the videos below we will follow this litter through this short period of life. From day 1 to the day he leaves his mum is 28 days.
In the first video the hamster pups are 3 days old. They are born without fur, blind, and weigh about 3 grams.

(video.1)baby hamsters  life

Day 7- they are now 10 days old and covered in fur. The ears that where flat against the head are now beginning to show. The eyes can be seen developing under the skin.

(video.2) baby life 1

Mum checking on her sleeping babes.
17 days old the eyes have now been open for about 3 days. I am now about to wake them for feeding.This is a large litter of 14 babies. They have been eating solid food from 8 - 9 day old.
We start feeding them at 9-10 days old on high protein foods. Although they are still suckling and will continue to do so for another 3 - 4 days. At 21 days they should be fully weaned.


(video.3) life3

The final update.
These cute little balls of fur are now 24 days old and are fully weaned. They will leave mum in 3 days time, separated into their own same sex cages. Here they will stay for another week and then onto their new homes.

(video.4) last update



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