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From: tom
Subject: baby hamsters

hello I recently bought a hamster at the pet store. a week after i got her home i found it was pregnant . Though I don't know much about baby hamsters, seems as they didn't even know she was pregnant. They are now 21 days old and there are 6 of them. I have the mother and the pups in a small cage and now that they are getting bigger the cage seems to small. I have a bigger cage, can I put them and mum in a different cage or will this cause stress. They are still nursing but they are eating solid food and storing too. are they ready to be separated? how soon can you sex them?

your reply will be greatly appreciated!!

ps. i love you site it is very helpfull!!!
---------------------------------------- wrote

Hi Tom.
This is the trouble with some pet stores some don't have a clue how to sex them. Some pet stores over here in the u.k are the same.
They can stay with mum until they are 4 week old (28 days) then separate them into single sex cages. As they are capable of reproducing even at this young age. I would now be inclined to leave them together where they are now for another week (this is then the full 28 days.) If you move them now it won't cause them any stress but she may neglect them, because of the change in environment. They are now weaned at 21 days. Just keep the cage clean, with bedding etc: they will be ok

Regards Hammys Team.

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