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----- Original Message ----- From: Darlene
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I was wondering if you could help with a problem with our Dwarf
Two days ago we discovered a red lump on his midsection, otherwise he
seemed fine. I think he is about 6 months old, and today he has hind leg
paralysis and is sleeping alot, and didn't want any carrot. We recently changed
his cage around, taking off the top part for a good cleaning when this
occured. My 16 year old daughter is so upset that he is ill. Can you offer any
advice? I thank you in advance for any help.

Thanks, Darlene

------------------------- wrote

Hi, Darlene.
I don't have much info to go on here, where on the midsection is this lump, spine, tummy, sides.
Does he have a high cage,? hind leg paralysis does not normally develop overnight. It sounds as he may have suffered some kind of trauma, a fall maybe.
The sleeping alot seems to indicate this could be the case.
If this lump is around the spine area it is possible that it could be an external tumour, this can then in turn be affecting the nerves to his hind legs causing the paralysis. I have had hamsters that have developed hind leg paralysis after a fall ( through injury to the spine ) but this has been temporally, and lasted a week or so.
It may be wise to get him checked out by your vet, for a more accurate diagnosis, and treatment. As I am only taking a guess at what his problem could be, from what you have told me.

Regards hammys


----- Original Message -----From: Darlene

Thank you for getting back to me so soon. The lump is on his tummy area. I
understand that he was jumping up in his glass tank a few times before my
daughter discovered he couldn't walk this morning. We removed his Habitrail on
top before this to do a good cleaning, he may have thought he could jump to
get upstairs.
I will consult our Vet on Monday (they are closed Sundays) and see what they
have to say.
Having found the tumor or lump a few days before, maybe they don't have
anything to do with each other. Hopefully with rest & good care Nugget will be


Hi Again Darlene.

This lump on his tummy, I think you may be confusing it with his scent gland. On all of the domestic dwarf species including Roborovskis, Campbell's, winter whites and Chinese hamsters they are single, (as opposed to the Syrians two hip-spots located on the hips / flanks) The Dwarfs glands are situated on the ventral midline close to the umbilicus and is about 0.5 cm in diameter.
The appearance of the scent glands' often cause concern for some pet owners, and can appear to be tumour like growths. And as a result of the lack of readily available information about hamsters' scent glands, owners and even vet's do sometimes mistake the glands for tumours.
It really does sound to me now that he has had a fall, and possibly injured his back / spine.
If this is the case then I suspect, and hope it should only be temporary.

Regards Hammys Team

----- Original Message -----From: Darlene

Thank you once again for your info on our Dwarf hamster with the lump and
hind leg paralysis. We had no idea of the scent gland on his belly, this
is our first hamster.
As of this morning, he is still in a sleep-like state, trys to move his one
back leg. Hope time will help him. you have been very helpful. I will keep
in touch regarding this situation.

----- Original Message -----From: Darlene

Just wanted to let you know our Nugget passed away this afternoon. He is at peace now.
I would like to say " thank-you" again for your help&support with him.



So sorry to hear this, obviously something more serious than a fall. And so sudden. Such a short little life.
Many thanks for letting me know. Although it was not what I wished to hear.
I hope the loss of little Nugget does not put either you, or your daughter off keeping theses adorable little creatures in the future. I am sure the next one will be loved and cared for just as much as little Nugget was.

Kind Regards.
Take care

----- Original Message ----- From: Darlene


Subject: Follow up on Dwarf Hamster with Hind Leg paralysis

Thanks for your kind words. Yes, it was a loss and so sudden. I really
thought he was turning the corner when he was more alert today. Yes, my
daughter & I plan to give another Hamster a loving home in the future.


P.S.I have already given a friend with a Hamster your website, it was
wonderful to have help nearby.

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