The Hamsters Hip Spots

a hamsters sebaceous glands

An aging Syrian Hamster with fur loss showing the position of the hip spots as black dots, and can be seen both sides of the hips.

The hamster’s sebaceous glands are known more commonly as the hip spots, or scent glands. These glands are located on the hips / flanks of the Syrian hamster. They can be seen as dark spots on the hips and are a normal part of the Syrian hamsters’ anatomy. The hamster uses these glands for many different purposes. They use them to mark their territory, and when deposited at different locations allows them to associate different points and places within that territory. The scent can also act as a warning to others that this area is already occupied, and also to attract mates.
The scent glands are also used by the female in the wild to indicate that she is ready to mate. The glands are more prominent in the male than the female.

As the hamster grooms the area where the spots are they may make the fur around them appear greasy or wet, this can seemingly make the glands appear slightly larger than they actually are. In some male’s wisps of longer hair may be seen growing around the spots.  Very few health problems arise with these scent glands. As the hamster ages and losses fur theses spots become more visible. They can sometimes raise concern with some owners who are not familiar or aware of them.


a hamsters scent glands

The Sebaceous Glands

a hamsters hip spots

More commonly known as
The Hip Spots


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