The cost of keeping a hamster

hamster keeping

The cost of keeping and owning a hamster is relatively inexpensive compared to keeping other animals such as a cat or a dog, and the largest expense is going to be the cost of the cage to be used for housing your pet in.

The weekly food expense is negligible, a hamster will be quite happy with his usual dry mixes, supplemented with some of the food that we eat. The average bag of bedding will last a month or more of weekly cage cleaning.

1 Kilo of hamster food will last the average size Syrian hamster 1 month of daily feeding allowing for waste and storage.
Hamsters always seem to be munching but they have relatively small appetites and eat a little often, rather than large quantities. An adult hamster will consume about 10 -12 grams per day of dry food. Although the dish may soon appear empty, it is more than likely the hamster has stored it away to consume later.

The basic ingredients of a typical hamster mix is corn, Maize, Dried peas, Peanuts, Sunflower seeds, Locust beans, Wheat seed, Barley, Alfalfa, some also contain dried fruit such as bananas, apples, etc: coloured ( dyed ) biscuits, and pellets.
After the initial out-lay of the cage and accessories, the hamster can be kept on less than the average weekly pocket money.


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