A Dying Hamster

dying hamster
Good Bye
I have to go now

Life, what is life? Life is but an instance of time, no matter how long it may be. Be it one year or a hundred, that instance of time will finally come to a close. All living creatures will eventually come to the end of their time.
Sadly this is the time when we have to say good bye to our beloved little friends.
Our little friend and companion we have showered with love and affection, and received as much in return. The little pet we have cared for throughout its life.
The spark of light and that ray of sunshine they radiated to brighten the dullest of our days. Having to say good bye especially for children can be a very sad occasion, and on most occasions the death of a pet can be their first experience on the road to learning about life and death.

Each and every pet will have developed his or her own individual character along with its own unique personality.Each pet will have formed a special unique relationship with his or her owner, and nothing can ever make losing a friend easy.
It is most important at this sad time to understand the child's feelings and not to dismiss them or try to console them with the attitude of, “Don't worry we will get you another one tomorrow” This regrettably implies to the child that their pet is just an object that can easily be replaced. The child has spent the life of their pet looking after him, feeding him, interacting with, and tending to all his needs.
The fun, the laughs, and the love theses little creatures brought into the child's life with them cannot be replaced by buying another hamster tomorrow.
Take their feelings seriously: children are concerned that their pet should have a little respect, and a final dignified resting place. Finding a little corner in the garden and helping to bury their little pet shows you cared as much as they did.
Time is a great healer, healing the hurt but never the memories.

a dying hamster


We become so attached to theses little creatures that when time is called we can find it very hard to let go. Losing a faithful little friend, through old age or illness is always a traumatic time.
If losing a pet through illness it can be hard for us to decide what to do; we know it’s not easy in having to make that final decision for them to be put to sleep. But then again, it’s never easy having to watch them suffer. If you’re little pet is suffering in distress or pain that is impairing the quality of his life the deciding factor has to be the well being of your pet and not your own feelings.Euthanasia would be the most humane painless and kindest option to be considered. But this is a very personal decision that only you on the advice of your vet can make.
If it is old age and your pet is no apparent pain or discomfort, then share intently between you the precious little time that he may have left. Let him have his last few days or weeks in the familiar surroundings of his own home in the hope that he may slip quietly away whilst sleeping, then take a little comfort in the thought that he was never alone and was always with the person that loved and cared for him so much.
Whatever the reason for losing your little pet: If he could have had a few words I am sure they would have been “Thank you for sharing your life and your home with me, thank you for all the love and care you gave to me, I was so fortunate to have had a good owner that cared so much for me”






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