Cysts in a hamster

There are many different types of cysts, and the causes of cysts can vary. They can develop through general wear and tear, infections, inflammatory conditions, or through genetic inheritance. A cyst is a closed sac or capsule filled with fluid usually containing air or semisolid material and is normally considered harmless. The outer wall of a cyst is called the capsule. A collection of pus in a swelling is called an abscess not a cyst. Cysts can vary in size: some can be so small and therefore go undetected. But some can grow so large they can displace normal organs and tissues. Some may become large enough to hinder the hamsters movements. A cyst feels like a soft smooth round movable lump filled with fluid. Cysts do not develop into cancer nor do they increase the risk of cancer.

Cysts of internal organs such as the kidneys or liver may not produce any symptoms and can go unnoticed. The majority of cysts are benign meaning they do not spread to other parts of the body and not dangerous to health. Cysts are not life-threatening but some may produce symptoms due to their size or location
A veterinarian may aspirate (drain) off the fluid. But treating a cyst this way may not cure the problem. They often have a tendency of reoccurring by filling up again. The only way to permanently cure a cyst is to have the sac or capsule removed.

A hamster with a Cyst hamster cyst

cyst in a hamster

A hamster with a cyst.This

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