Constipation in Hamster

A swollen abdomen in a hamster must always be evaluated by a vet to determine the exact cause. Abdominal distention can have a number of causes, including liver disease, constipation, pyometra, fecal impaction etc: Constipation can be a life threatening condition if not treated. It is a condition of the digestive system in which the animal may experience feces that are dry and hard and may become difficult to expel. Constipation can lead to bloating known as Abdominal distension, and pain. It is usually caused by insufficient intake of dietary fibre or inadequate amount of fluids. Fibre holds water thus preventing the feces becoming dry and hard. Also too much calcium and iron in his diet can make the feces dry. If there is a lack of droppings and the hamster is walking with a hunched appearance it may be a sign of constipation. He may also squeak when trying. This can happen when a hamster is fed mainly on dry food, not enough fibre and not drinking enough water. The hamster may walk with an arched back and may pass hard scant droppings, the abdomen may also become distended (swollen).
The main intervention is an increase in fluids preferably water, and dietary fibre (fruits, vegetables, and grains) Liquid paraffin given orally, 5ml twice a day should see an improvement. If there is no improvement within 24 hours he should be seen by a vet.
Constipation is easier to prevent than it is to treat and feeding a correct diet will prevent the problem arising.



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