Clouding of the Eye

Clouding of the hamsters eye globe, could be that the eye may have an ulcer on the cornea. This is the result of an eye infection, or trauma to the cornea. This can be the result of fighting, hay or straw bedding that may have sharp points. The front portion of the eye is covered with a thin transparent membrane called the cornea.

eye clouding

A Cataract in an ageing hamster

This membrane protects the interior of the eye. If there is a break or defect in the surface layer of the cornea, micro organisms can gain access to the eye through this break in the layer. If the injury is not treated it can lead to ulceration of the eye. Corneal ulcers generally heal well if treated early and aggressively. However, if neglected perforation, (a hole) in the cornea may develop. This will result in serious loss of vision, and possibly loss of the eye itself. Corneal ulcers are a serious vision threatening condition, and require prompt veterinarian attention. This condition can be treated with antibiotic eye drops prescribed by a vet, if caught in the early stages. Clouding of the eye may also reveal the presence of cataracts; cataracts is a condition is associated with diabetes. Diabetes




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