Why do hamsters make clicking noises, or what sounds like teeth chattering.

Occasionally a hamster owner may hear a clicking noise, or something that sounds like teeth chattering coming from your hamster. This clicking noise is made by the front incisors rubbing together and is known as Bruxing. Some hamster owners' misinterpret this as a sign of aggression when in fact it has nothing to do with being aggressive. The two incisors in the upper and lower jaw continuously grow throughout the life of the hamster, and will normally receive continuous wear as the upper and lower incisors contact each other when eating and gnawing. A hamster’s front incisors are kept as sharp as the point of a needle. As they gnaw on things like the cage bars, hard food and other hard objects the front incisors become dulled. So to put that sharp edge back on them they "Brux" Bruxing is a term used for the rubbing together of the incisors for the sole purpose of sharpening them again. Very often you may hear this clicking noise when the hamster has been gnawing on something hard and stood still as they rarely do it whilst moving. It may also be heard during sleep as it is also a subconscious behavior.


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