Hamster broken bones

Hamsters are very fragile little creatures so great care should be exercised when handling them. Supervision by an adult is advisable when the animal is being handled by children as they are frequently dropped when being handled; a nervous or startled hamster may suddenly and unexpectedly jump from the hand injuring itself.
Hamsters are more likely to sustain injuries from a play ball as these can accidentally be kicked, or roll down unguarded steps or stairs. Some hamsters are given the free run of the house by their owners, then risk being stepped on or kicked and may sustain serious injury and or broken bones. Once a hamster has been injured he should be asset by a vet to make sure the animal has no other internal injuries.
In the case of broken bones there is no practical treatment for this type of injury, other than treatment for any other injuries; it is not practical to apply a splint to a hamster.

hamster broken bones

Hamster broken leg

Hamsters broken bones do heal very quickly. Make him comfortable by putting his food and water nearer to his bed. Prevent him from having to climb up or down by placing his bed on the ground floor. Remove any ladders and wheel, restrict access to tubes by blocking them off or removing them. Try to keep him confined him to the ground floor only.

By taking that little extra care when handling we can avoid any pain and discomfort in the first place for your little pet. A fall from the height of your hands can be fatal to a hamster and could kill him. Always' handle close to the floor or a surface where any injury from an accidental fall or sudden unexpected jump can be eliminated. Take great care when he is out in his ball; make sure everybody knows he is in there.
It is not advisable to a give a hamster the free run of the house, there is the possibility of injury and a chance for him to find an easy escape route.

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