Avocado Pear

avocardo pear

The fruit or any other part of the Avocado Pear should never be fed to hamsters, or other any animals. The leaves, branches and fruit of the Avocado pear are toxic to most animals.
The Avocado pear contains a cardiac toxin called Persin: Persin is a natural fungicide produced by the plant in which to protect its self from attack by insects and fungus. This toxin has only recently just been discovered, but is generally considered harmless to humans. But there is documented evidence that avocado is toxic to some animals. Many animal organizations now recommend avoidance of all parts of the plant. The symptoms of toxicity include gastrointestinal irritation, vomiting, diarrhea, respiratory distress, congestion, fluid accumulation around the tissues of the heart and even death. Birds seem to be particularly sensitive to this toxic compound.


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