Hamster Enteritis

Enteritis: This is usually characterized by diarrhea. An inflammation of the lining of the small intestine, often caused by a bacterial or viral infection. This condition may occur due to a number of factors from infectious agents to management practices. Common name is Wet tail. Although the term wet tail can be misleading, as wet tail can include all the diseases and ailments that cause diarrhea in hamsters'. Proliferative ileitis, regional enteritis, and ileal hyperplasia. Inflammation of the large intestine is termed colitis.
Predisposing factors to this disease that may be seen in recently weaned hamsters is stress, resulting from overcrowding, shipment, poor diet, dirty cages, and over use of antibiotics. Symptoms are acute lethargy, anorexia, ruffled and unkempt fur, leading to diarrhea and dehydration Rectal prolapse is common with this disease.


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